First, thank you, Mother Nature, for the rain and thank you to all that joined us in the rain dance at Walking Man September 16th.  A HUGE heartfelt thank you to ALL the firefighters, emergency responders, transportation officials, and volunteers who have worked so hard to protect our communities, care for our citizens and save our lands.  The community support we’ve seen in Stevenson has been remarkable. 


Walking Man Brewing and Hawk Merlin Studios hosted a benefit concert on Saturday, September 16th to raise funds to support three Columbia River Gorge volunteer organizations, the Stevenson Volunteer Firefighters Association, Wind River Search and Rescue and the Crag Rats, search and rescue team of Hood River County.  Thanks to Walking Man’s founder Bob Craig’s generous offer to personally match 100% of all donations, we were able to raise $6,858.00 that night.  A huge thank you to all those that made a contribution, be it effort, energy or dollars; it all makes a difference! 

I hope you'll share this amazing story of community support and encourage continued donations to these courageous volunteer groups via Go Fund Me at:

Photos courtesy of Sikora Photography.  

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